I’m Jennifer, but you can call me Jen or Sis. I Help Women Turn Their Visions Into Reality.

I am an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. In October 2020, after undergoing a professional and personal transition in my life, I was looking for a way to help myself, while also making a difference in the lives of others who were experiencing similar circumstances.

As a seasoned business leader, with over 15 years of success in driving growth through strategic innovation, risk management, and operations, I wanted to use my skills and experiences to mentor and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and business professionals.

I knew this would be a difficult decision because of the financial impact it would have on my family. However, after some soul searching and reflecting on what truly mattered to me, I realized that I needed to pursue my passion for helping others create meaningful lives for themselves outside of work. In accepting God’s calling over my life, I launched Aries Rising and began my coaching and ministry services.

I am passionate about helping others build confidence and self-worth, empowering them to pursue their dreams without crippling limiting beliefs.